Best Places to See Wildlife in Canada

Animals of the north capture our imagination just as surely as animals of the southern hemisphere.   We may not have lions and elephants, but we have bison and bears, both of which are far more accessible, part of our lives far more than their African counterparts.   I’ve enjoyed some spectacular animal encounters across the country.  Featuring many experiences on The Great Canadian Bucket List, here’s some of the best.

Arctic Watch
  1. Beluga Whales

The most popular and accessible place to view the White Ghosts of the North, outside of the Vancouver Aquarium, is each summer in Churchill, Manitoba.  Each year, up to three thousand belugas gather at the Churchill River estuary to feed and give birth to calves.  Visitors get relief from the fierce bugs in town as they head out into the river and Hudson Bay to boat, kayak and perhaps even snorkel amongst the whales.  For the more adventurous, check out Arctic Watch, a fantastic eco-lodge on Somerset Island.  Up to two thousand Belugas gather at the nearby inlet to the Cunningham River each summer, under the bright midnight sun.

Snorkel with Salmon in Campbell River, BC
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