The 7 most shocking moments from the unbelievably disturbing show Fortitude

But there’s more going on here than meets the eye. What’s with the recently discovered mammoth carcass? Why are people seemingly losing their minds and breaking out in violence? And how is one little kid at the center of so many of these mysteries?

To give you a taste, I’ve embedded seven of the show’s most memorable moments below and gotten series creator Simon Donald to tell us what those weird, freaky, utterly unforgettable moments are all about.

(Yes, they’ll spoil you if you haven’t already seen them, but I’d like to think they will entice you to watch the series.)

This interview has been lightly edited and condensed for length and clarity.

A man comes upon a polar bear mauling another human being — and shoots the human, not the bear

The man being shot while being eaten by a polar bear probably came from very early on when I was investigating the world, Svalbard, the Arctic. I was struck by this thing a couple of people told me, which worked its way into the story, which was that when a [polar] bear takes its prey, it’s one of the only animals in the animal kingdom that doesn’t kill the prey first. Even a lion will kill a gazelle before it starts eating it — because they’re dangerous and can kick your eye out.

In the Arctic, the bear — there’s nothing that can hurt it. So it starts eating the thing that it’s hunting as soon as it’s got its claws in it. And that notion of something so powerful and single-minded that it eats you without killing you was so chilling that it became an important moment in the world.

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