Ranking Every Stephen King Novel By How Likely They Are To Scare The Shit Out Of You

I am a self-proclaimed horror junkie. And as that junkie, I am embarrassed to say I have not read a single one of Stephen King’s books. (Shame on me!) I assumed the task of ranking his novels from spooky to sinister, would prove to be an easy task – wrong! It wasn’t the length of the list (49 books) that threw me off, it was the variety – one who finds aliens frightening may not have nightmares over psychological thrillers. Therefore, I have ranked the books in genres. Between research and taking daily brakes to avoid King-like dreams (true story!) This project has become the most badass book report, I have ever done.

Psychological Thriller

The Long Walk

A simple premise; think the Slasher of Hunger Games. The deeply dark novel describes physical pain while the characters descend into madness as they struggle to outlive each other. You can feel the words in this book.


A twisted psychopath holds her favorite author hostage, causing him a tortured misery. A tale of passion and obsession – pretty sure it’ll make your spine tingle.

The Dark Half

Stephen King frequently used an alias while writing, which makes this disturbing tale of a pseudonym finding independence and becoming far eviler than its creator intended, that much more of a psychological thriller.


A man resisting change slips into madness we may possibly relate to. Sans monsters; Roadwork is another King novel that taps into primal forces, delivering a terrifying mood.

Lisey’s Story

A dark love story with a promising premise of a widow facing her deceased husband’s demons. Expect heartbreak and chills.

Dolores Claiborne

This book is high on my personal list, not because of its likelihood to scare me, rather, for its ode to strong female characters. This book disregards chapters completely and reads like a monologue as the main character tells the story of her life; murder, motherhood, and disintegration of her marriage.

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