How to Find the Best Places to Photograph Wild Animals

Wild animals are elusive. Unless you’re at the zoo, you may find it hard to even find real wild animals that you can photograph. Then, there’s also the issue of danger. Depending on which wild animals you want to shoot, you may want to do so from a certain distance away or even protected by a structure.

At the end of the day, you want to take photographs that are so real and compelling that it’s almost like your audience is right there with the wild animals. A big part of making this happen is scouting locations to ensure that you get the shots you need.

Start With Basic Research

As with any photography project, doing your research before you even uncap your camera lens is a no-brainer. Prep work is key. If you have a shooting locale in mind, look into what sorts of animals will be there. Read up on what their habits, behaviors and movements are likely to be, just so you’re not surprised and fail to get the shot you want.

For example, if you’re heading out into new terrain that you’ve never visited before, you may get the animals you expect… or you may not. The same thing goes for what time of day you’re doing your photography. If the animals native to that terrain are nocturnal, then don’t come in the middle of the day.

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