Expand Your Mind: 3 Counterculture Podcasts Worth Listening To

If there’s anything the hit podcast “Serial” taught the world, it’s that the human psyche is naturally interested in mysteries, and that it is our instinct to question what’s deemed “normal.” Serial set a high standard for engaging storytelling and has exploited the medium’s true potential.

This is the kind of power that podcasts have on listeners. With this kind of narrative authority, several counterculture-themed podcasts are beginning to get noticed with the diversity of discussions that the human mind can explore.

With the help of diversified channels such as Audioboom, Stitcher Radio, and iTunes, listeners get access to the offbeat podcast realm. From topics ranging from conspiracies, the occult, and even the unknown lives of cultural icons, listeners now have a chance to listen to an eccentric mix of podcasts out there. Below are some of these podcasts:

1. Out There Radio

Hosted by journalists Joe Nolan and Raymond Wiley, Out There Radio is probably one of the most popular counterculture podcast channels. With three seasons already out and more than 300 episodes, Out There Radio discusses a wide range of topics that are usually unavailable in mainstream media channels. Just by visiting their website, listeners can see the kind of offbeat-slash-intellectual content that this channel offers.

Examples of famous episodes include an interview with Alan Moore and one featuring the “psychedelic torchbearers,” Timothy Leary and Terence McKenna. Some episodes touch on current events with news that are usually banned from local channels.

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