Creepiest Stories in Artificial Intelligence (AI) Development

Are you sure you’re not a gay?

Recently, machine learning society actively discussed the face recognition algorithm, which can distinguish gay from hetero with an accuracy of up to 91%. The model performed worse with women, telling gay and straight apart with 71% accuracy.

In terms of technology this project is rather interesting. The dataset was taken from a dating site. Facial features employed by the classifier included both fixed (e.g., nose shape) and transient facial features (e.g., grooming style).

But we can’t rely on neural networks in the question of probability. An error rate of 10% at best is high. Moreover, the result in 91% and 71% was obtained only by comparing two photos, one of which is exactly gay, and the second is definitely not. Oh, I didn’t mention the results were given inside the laboratory. If you release the algorithm into a natural environment, the probability will be much less.

In terms of ethics, many people call this project a failure. Especially considering that in some countries non-traditional orientation is illegal. If the government decides to launch this system in crowded places, not only gay men will be at risk.

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