I know many people who mention that they would like to get involved in street photography, but they can’t get over the initial hump, because they are too afraid to capture strangers candidly in the street.

This is a shame, because it is a wonderful and creative form of photography that everyone should try. If you are one of those people, here are eight tips to help you become more comfortable getting involved with street photography.



I am not going to go into a long analysis about whether street photography is ethical. Both sides of the issue have valid arguments, and I understand the points of the many people who are against it. Some countries do not even allow it in public spaces.

Use your personal ethics when capturing strangers. If you do not feel comfortable capturing a person, do not capture them. I know photographers who don’t photograph homeless people and photographers who do. Everyone has a different level of ethics.

However, keep this in mind: when you look at images of the past, what are your favorite images? I bet most of you are going to say that they are images with people and culture shown in them. These are my favorite type of image, as well. These images have a place in history and society, and they teach us about ourselves. They are very important to capture, both for the present and for the long term.

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