8 Fundamentals of Public Speaking

Now you can have a successful public speaking career, without needing to invest thousands of dollars in training!

One day, you will stand in front of thousands of people delivering the message of Islam, and will have a global impact on the lives of millions of Muslims. Every day, you will be building your Afterlife with the rewards earned from your public talks.

That day, you will look back at the day you invested less than $100 in a short public speaking course at Islamic Self Help, and you will remember that day as the day that changed your life forever!

A $72 investment in yourself!

Public speaking training can be very expensive. Leading institutes charge between $5000 and $45000 for public speaking courses and training. In the past, only the wealthy could afford to learn public speaking, but all of that has changed.

At Islamic Self Help, we have studied the public speaking skills and techniques of the world’s leading speakers. This includes TED speakers, Islamic speakers, and world renowned trainers.

Through our study, we have discovered 8 core principles of public speaking. If you learn these 8 principles, and master them over time, you will be become a powerful public speaker.

The best part is that you can access all of these principles for less than $100. For an investment of only $72, you can learn the eight most important skills to transform yourself into an effective public speaker.

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