7 Body-Language Hacks to Try When Meeting New People

For some of us, meeting new people is a scary, intimidating necessity. For others, it’s an exciting and enlightening adventure. Either way, you’re going to meet new people in your life, and when you do, it’s in your best interest to make a great first impression.

Achieving that positive first impression isn’t always easy, especially if you’re in a new location or aren’t sure what to say. However, there are a handful of body language “hacks” you can use to assure yourself of a good reception, help you engage in a good conversation and eventually walk away with a warm, new acquaintance.

Try some of these moves the next time you attend a networking event (or any time you meet new people):

1. Assume a power pose.

This hack happens before you ever set foot in the room. Research shows that “power poses” can actually trick your brain into feeling more confident, resulting in easier conversation and a more poised demeanor. What this entails is standing up tall and raising your fists in the air, or taking up space by putting your hands on your hips. Do this for 30 seconds to a minute, and you’ll walk into that room feeling naturally more confident.

2. Maintain an “open” posture.

The position of your body can communicate a lot about what you’re thinking or feeling. If your body posture is “closed,” such as when your arms are folded or your head is down, people will think you’re not interested in having a conversation. If your posture is “open,” however, with your shoulders back and your head up, you’ll be seen as welcoming and friendly.

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