5 Gruesome Stories To Read Tonight

Sometimes the scariest things are the ones that you can’t explain away. Below are five scary stories that will keep you up at night; ones that, unfortunately, actually happened.

Vlad The Impaler

Do you think Dracula is just the creation of a wild imagination? Nah, son. Vlad The Impaler was a sick fuck who got off on torturing the Ottomans he conquered. It is reported that he would roast children and feed them to their mothers, cut off women’s breasts, and skewer people while they were alive on huge wooden spikes where they would remain for hours in agony. Eventually he was captured and locked away in a tower to waste away. It is reported that during his time in captivity he would sharpen little sticks and skewer the rats who were his only company

The Winchester Mystery House

This colossal mansion in San Jose was in construction day and night for 38 years. The 162 acre property was the work of Sarah Winchester, heir to the Winchester rifle fortune. The rifle that brought Sarah her money also claimed countless lives in The Civil War. After her husband and daughter were both taken from Mrs. Winchester, she saw a medium who told her the spirits of the victims who died from the Winchester rifle were angry with her. In order to keep the spirits pleased, the medium told Sarah she must keep building her house until the day she dies. So Sarah Winchester did. The originally seven story house has doors that lead to nowhere and staircases that lead directly to the ceiling. Sarah Winchester would sleep in a different room every night and perform seances in order to get building instructions from beyond. When Sarah Winchester finally died, construction halted immediately. There are still nails not completely hammered in from when workers abruptly left. Today you can tour the Winchester house, but if a house build specifically to please ghosts isn’t haunted– I don’t know what the fuck would be

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