23 Landscape Photography Tips From A Pro

Landscapes may be a popular subject among photographers, but it takes a lot of mastery, patience, and a certain frame of mind to capture imagery that will really stir the viewers’ emotions and minds.

Just ask photographer Iurie Belegurschi, whose own jaw-dropping landscapes never fail to amaze us. In this 500px ISO exclusive, Iurie shares his personal tips that will help you improve your craft—from scouting locations to gear recommendations.

Scroll down for a Q&A with Iurie—followed by his photos and a list of 23 helpful tips!

Hi Iurie! Please introduce yourself to our readers.
IURIE BELEGURSCHI: I’m originally from Moldova. I moved permanently to Iceland in 2006. I work full-time as a professional landscape photographer. I also run photo tours and workshops in Iceland and around the world. In fact, I have an upcoming Winter Workshop starting October, where I will be taking photographers on a hunt for Aurora Borealis and on an ice cave tour. My work has been published in major newspapers, magazines, books, and calendars worldwide. My two passions in life are photography and traveling.

How did you discover photography and how long have you been doing this?
IURIE: I have been shooting for many years, but I got serious about my photography five years ago.

As a landscape and travel photographer, how much time do you spend out in the field?
IURIE: I do mostly tours and workshops in Iceland, Norway, and Greenland, so I am outdoors 90% of the time, shooting with my guests. Sometimes, I go out and take photos on my own during my free time, but that is very seldom. I’m making it a point now to travel at least three to four times a year—my last one being in New Zealand last April.

Your landscape images are otherworldly, but still grounded in the natural world. What type of subjects do you enjoy shooting the most?
IURIE: Icelandic landscapes, of course! I love winterscapes, snow-covered mountains, icy lakes, waterfalls, glaciers, and ice caves. I like night photography the most—shooting the Milky Way, stars, and the Northern Lights. It gives me a sense of fulfillment and peace when I’m outdoors at night, capturing what is relatively hard to fully see with the naked eye.

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