17 Things People Wrongly Believe About Getting Married Young

3. Marriage is boring, you shouldn’t settle for it too soon.

Similarly: “you’ll both become boring and then get bored with each other” (here I shall refer you to my previous point – you don’t have to be boring, you awesome person, you.) The real issue here is that people assume the mystery is gone, and there’s nothing new you’ll discover once you begin to share every aspect of your life.

People think you’ll get stuck in routines: the early morning rush out the door, watching Netflix on the couch ’til one or both of you pass out, etc. There’s this fear that you will suddenly go from playing footsy under the table and sending flirty texts to sitting at opposite ends of the table and writing honey-do lists. It’s not true! Marriage is an adventure that coexists with your own.

4. You’ll spend the first year fighting.

The reason this misconception is so prevalent is because it’s so easy for it to be true. Merging two lives together isn’t easy, it’s not supposed to be. Whether you’ve lived together before or not, the oneness of marriage brings out a whole new level of crazy. Something about the word, the institution, and just the fact of marriage makes everything a bigger deal than it was before – most people just assume the first year of marriage will be hell, and understandably so. My husband and I have had some rough times already in our first months of marriage, but it hasn’t been hell.

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