12 Facts About The Mothman, The Terrifying Creature You Never Want To See

The Mothman is a cryptid that lives in the area around of Point Pleasant, West Virginia. It is described as being a human-bird hybrid larger than a normal man (it’s wing span may be 10 feet). It is grey in color with red “glowing” eyes.

[*] The Mothman was seen during a period from November 1966 to December 1967, culminating in the collapse of the Silver Bridge, a disaster that is linked to the Mothman (through superstition) that killed 46 people. There is serious debate about whether the Mothman caused the bridge collapse or was merely warning people about it.

[*] Some believe the Mothman is connected to (or also known as) Indrid Cold, a name for “The Grinning Man” — a supernatural entity who grins at those who see him. The Grinning Man is believed to be an alien or alien species.

[*] Proximity to the Mothman causes confusion, extreme fear, and psychological distress that can last months and lead to death or insanity.

[*] The first known sighting of the Mothman in November 1966 was witnessed by 5 men at once. Over the next 13 months more than 100 sightings took place, with credible witnesses like couples, firefighters, and larger groups of people.

[*] Most people know about the Mothman because of The Mothman Prophecies, a book written by journalist and author John Keel and later turned into a movie staring Richard Gere. The book and movie connect the Mothman to the townspeople of Point Pleasant having psychic abilities and the collapse of the Silver Bridge.

[*] The Mothman was the subject of one episode of the TV series Unsolved Mysteries:

[*] There was also an entire episode of Paranormal Witness dedicated to a couple who claim to have had a terrifying encounter with the Mothman:

[*] Since 2002 the town of Point Pleasant has celebrated a “Mothman festival” on the third weekend of every September. There is a 12-foot tall statue of the Mothman in Point Pleasant:

[*] People have explained away the Mothman as a large heron or a sandhill crane. The “glowing” eyes could simply be normal animal eyes reflecting light from another source, like a flashlight or car headlights.

[*] To this day people claim to have seen the Mothman before disasters like 9/11 and the collapse of the 35w bridge in Minneapolis.

[*] There are no confirmed photos of the Mothman, though many fake pictures exist.

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