10 People On The Horror Game That Gave Them Nightmares

Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem

“It played horrible evil tricks on you like making you think you just played through a room full of enemies and picked up all sorts of cool loot, only to find out it was just a hallucination and you’re up against an army of mummies with nothing but a blow dart. Or the screen would suddenly come up with an “unexpected error” and the console shut down, giving you a freaking heart attack, only to turn back on again right where you left off. Or there was one time where you’d be in the middle of a fight and the game said your controller was disconnected and nothing you did worked and you could only stand there and watch while you were being torn to pieces.”

Silent Hill

“The first Silent Hill game on Playstation 2 scared the hell out of my wife late one night. We were up late playing and the character goes into an old school gym locker room. There’s a faint knocking and then ‘boom’ a locker opens with a body falling towards the character from the character POV. With it being late, the lights down low and the vibration of the shock controller, she screamed and backed up quickly across the floor, throwing the controller away from her.”

Allen Wake

“It’s where you play as a horror writer who goes on vacation with his wife in a sleepy little town in the Pacific Northwest (Oregon, Washington, Northern California) during which he intends to work on his latest novel and hopefully break his writer’s block that has plagued him.

The vacation comes to an abrupt halt when your wife is kidnapped by what appears to be a supernatural force which comes from under the water of the lake which your rented cabin sits on.

From there you go on a quest to find your wife, figure out what’s going on in this strange little town, and defeat the evil which is slowly swallowing the town whole.

The gameplay is unique and always keeps you on the edge of your seat, but the story has plenty of quit moments where you get to speak to people in the town and figure out what’s going on. The narrative moments are similar to an episode of The Twilight Zone or Twin Peaks which a Stephen King style protagonist.”

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