10 Of The Scariest Horror Movies Of All Time

Since a very young age I’ve been obsessed with horror films, and I made it a goal to find the scariest ones out there.  Back in the day I had to ask people who were older than me and into horror for their perspective on the scariest films.  In recent years I’ve utilized the internet in my search.  My loser self isn’t embarrassed to admit I’ve watched a horror or thriller every night before falling asleep for the past several years.

I’m not just some scrub who picks out a movie.  I do my damn research.  As a true geek should I spend a minimum of 45 minutes nightly browsing through the web (the world fuckin’ wide one) in an attempt to gather the top horror picks of anyone who has an opinion.  From lists to discussion forums I’ve read through them all.  Well, a lot of them.  I’m not that pathetic. (I am)

Many of the “Scariest horror movies ever” lists around the web are exceptionally close to one another, featuring the same movies over and over again.  I grew tired of coming across the same choices and decided to compile a list myself.

What I’m aiming to do here is provide scary movie fans the GO-TO guide for the creepiest films ever.  I’m not talking, “Oh that made me jump!” scary.  I picked films which will genuinely creep you out.  Quite a few of the selections are commonly seen or talked about, because they simply deserve to be on here.  Others you may have never heard of.  If any other horror buffs have suggestions for films I should check out don’t hesitate to let me know what should have made it.   Please don’t be a dick about it.

Important note:  There is NO SPECIFIC order.  The films are numbered so I can easily keep track of how many I’m listing.  They’re simply ordered based on when I thought of them.  It’s impossible for me to claim what might be scarier than another.  That’s like asking me to pick my favorite child.  I hate all my children equally.  JK I don’t have kids.  Also, I intentionally left off The Grudge and The Ring.  I don’t have any particular reason for this other than the fact that they’re mentioned so often.  Do not comment, “What about The Ring or The Grudge?!”  Let’s get down to business.

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