10 great Stephen King stories that are ripe for film adaptation

From sci-fi to thrillers, it’s time for Hollywood to discover — or rediscover — these King tales.

We’re currently in a Stephen King renaissance that shows no sign of stopping. Netflix’s new adaptation of Gerald’s Game premiered last week, and the network just dropped a new trailer for 1922, an adaptation of a 2010 King novella. Meanwhile, thanks to the tremendous popularity of the new remake of It, Hollywood is lining up to dig into the horror master’s massive literary output: It director Andy Muschietti has already declared his interest in remaking Pet Sematary, an uneven 1989 treatment of one of King’s scariest novels.

In the wake of It’s massive success, it’s easy to see why Muschietti and other directors (like Guillermo del Toro) are interested in improving upon older King adaptations that may not have lived up to their source material. But there are also plenty of King gems that have yet to be unearthed for movie audiences — some of which have long been stuck in development hell, to hopefully be rescued by this new cultural craving for King adaptations.

Although King stories have traditionally found recurring success as television miniseries, the tremendous payoff to Hollywood’s gamble of releasing It as two separate feature film installments has paved the way for more big-screen adaptations that take similar chances. With that newfound cinematic appetite in mind, here are 10 King novels and short stories, ranging through horror, suspense-thriller, science fiction, and fantasy, that are just waiting to be transformed (or remade) into films for the next generation of moviegoers.

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