10 Body Language Hacks That Can Teach You About Other People’s Psyche

The power of gestures is often underestimated. They can convey a lot without having to use words. Some are voluntary gestures that we make, like a strong handshake, nodding your head in approval (or rejection), winking and blowing a kiss. While there are a few others gestures that are involuntary. Mostly we don’t even pay attention to it, they are a result of our subconscious.

Together these gestures constitute a body language. If studied closely, these signs of body language can tell you a lot about a person’s inner thoughts and psyche.

Want to learn the trait to master them? Here are a few that are easy to pick:

1. Eye Contact

A confident and often dominating person makes a strong eye contact while communicating. If a person cannot make eye contact while talking and looks away way too often then it indicates that they’re hiding something and have low self-esteem.

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