12 Reasons You Shouldn’t Go To Nashville

The article, which praises the Country Music capitol for the rich cultural scene, delicious food spots, and its ability to have famous celebrities mingle with regular citizens on a daily basis, caused quite the riot in the comment sections. Commenters hurled stereotypes from left to right, threats were made, and even a piece of fried chicken was harmed as these Nashville residents did everything they could to tell the world: YOU ARE NOT WELCOME.

Below are some reasons from commenters on why you should never, ever visit Nashville for any reason.

Especially if you’re from L.A.

1. Nashville is not into supporting tourism. The food is bad. The locals are bad. And the city is bad.

“The city is in shambles. The food is awful. The locals are extremely aggressive and uncultured. It is a cesspool of hayseed rubes who will stop at nothing to ruin your trip with their flatulence and poor personal hygiene. Do not come here.” – Nashvillesux

2. Nashville is a meth ridden city that has no running water, lacks shoes, and denim overalls are so haute. Also, banjo duels are plenty.

“Our city is terrible. No running water, lack of shoes, denim overalls, dueling banjos can always be heard in the distance, and dental work is something that doesn’t exist due to the absurd amount of meth consumed everywhere. Do not come here.” – Nashvulle

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