The Dark Side of Pursuing Financial Independence and Early Retirement

Similar dilemmas of this nature seemed to suffuse each and every financial decision with which I was faced; regardless of the absolute dollar amount.

It’s probably not hard to see how this kind of negative thought process and resulting unease and indecision can have a toxic effect on one’s happiness and well-being.  The whole idea behind FIRE is to provide a better life for one’s self.  If the lengthy amount of time spent in pursuit of that goal makes one miserable, I find that to be very counterproductive to reaching the goal.

When I reflect on some of the most rewarding goals I’ve accomplished, I find that enjoying the journey was a major factor in reaching success; perhaps the *most* important.  If the process makes you straight up miserable, you’re chances of reaching the more lofty goals you set for yourself are significantly reduced.

It wasn’t until I found an acceptable compromise between striving for such goals while maintaining contentment in the present that I was finally able to overcome the usual obstacles which had long stood in the way and finally make some significant progress.

That’s not to say that reaching your most lofty goals should be easy; the most rewarding ventures rarely are.  However, I think it’s important to realize that there are many different avenues one might take to achieve those goals which are important to us.  We simply must find out which methods works best for us, individually, and seek to implement those strategies and ideas into our daily routine.

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