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Part #4: Project Files Overview

In this video of the course, Dan gives a basic overview of the CLI command for generating a blank Angular app and gives a quick overview of the configuration files like tslint , tsconfig and protractor in our app folder.

Part #5: The Big Picture

Here we learn a useful abstraction that Components are similar to Lego blocks — we build up components and then use them to stick together to make an app. We also get a quick refresher on JavaScript language family and learn where TypeScripts fits in.

Dan gives us a good mental model to use for thinking about our code while working with Angular so we can imagine where it all fits in.

Part #6: Components & Modules — Overview

Not abstracted away, the diagram for Angular code might look like this.

Components are made up of code and HTML template and it can have a selector, so we can call it in our HTML.


Every Component consists of:

Dan then explains what each of the parts are and how they fit in the Angular way of developing components. One of the great things about Angular is that it’s very predictable. Once you learn how to create your first component you’re well on your way to creating additional components.

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