An illustrated guide to becoming a DevOps Engineer

2. Understand different OS concepts

This is where the Ops part coming in, earlier it was solely supported guys and sysadmin people who were responsible for knowing about OS and hardware, but with DevOps, now developer also needs to know them.

You at least need to know about Process Management, Threads and Concurrency, Sockets, I/O Management, Virtualization, Memory storage and File systems as suggested in the roadmap.

Since most of us work in Linux, I suggest you go through the Linux Administration BootCamp course on Udemy to learn and understand Linux OS better.

If you need more choices and you don’t mind learning from freely available resources then you can also take a look at this list of free Linux courses.

3. Learn to Live in terminal

For a DevOps guy, it’s important to have a good command in command line, particularly if he is working in Linux. Knowing some Linux shell like Bash, or Ksh and tools like findgrep, awk, sedlsof, and networking commands like nslookup and netstat is mandatory.

If you feel you need to refresh these commands and tools then you should join the Linux Command Line Interface (CLI) Fundamentals course on Pluralsight.

It’s a good refresher for both beginner and experienced Linux users. You will need a Pluralsight membership to access the course which cost around $29 per month or $299 per year but it’s totally worth it.

Pluralsight is like developer’s Netflix, it has more than 6000 high-quality courses on latest technology which means you can learn anything and anywhere. I mostly learn while traveling and commuting.

Btw, If you need more choices and want to become master on shell scripting, you can also take a look at my list of best courses to learn shell scripting.

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