3 Tips for Financially Responsible Audi (and Other Luxury Car) Ownership

Just about everyone underestimates the true cost of car ownership, especially those who can’t resist the look, lines, and luxury of a higher-end brand vehicle like Audi. Despite superior design, it’s not as if an Audi or similar luxury car can win against the forces of nature. Even quality Audi parts will wear down and break over time, just like any other car. The difference, Audi owners come to find out, is that its parts are well-designed and masterfully-engineered to last.

With this in mind, it’s easy to write off owning an Audi or other luxury cars as a foolish financial decision. Why spend the money only to have to spend more money down the road? However, there is something to be said for the financial wisdom of buying a well-made car. True, they’re not invulnerable to wear and tear, but more often than not they hold together longer, and therefore don’t require as much maintenance as a typical Chevy or Mazda. Not to mention, a luxury brand like Audi often holds its resale value better than an average automobile.

Many financially savvy or fiscally conservative readers are probably still skeptical of the aforementioned financial wisdom, which is why we’re going to elaborate. Here’s a simple path to financially responsible Audi ownership, which the same could be said for just a few other automakers such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz:

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