How to Master the Downhill Bunker Shot

Imagining yourself in a greenside bunker. Your ball is on a downslope, and the bunker has a lip that the ball needs to fly over in order to hit the green. Would you feel a little scared? If so, keep on reading!

In the following you will learn how to hit a downhill bunker shot that has a decent height in order for it to clear a bunker lip, or land and stop recently fast on the green. There are 3 important steps you must know in order to success with this shot.

How to master the downhill bunker shot

You need to understand the challenge

The challenge with a downhill bunker shot that needs some height, is as following:

  1. It can be really challenging just to make a decent strike on the golf-ball because of the hill. Often players hit the sand way to early because the try to “lift” the ball up.
  2. The slope works against what we need. The downslope will bring the flight dramatically down, and as written before we need height in order to clear a lip or make the ball stop on the green.
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