How to hit bunker shots from wet sand

-Hit the shot with quite a lot of clubspeed.

These 2 above swing-feelings will add some extra power and steepenes to you swing, and this will again dig the club further down under the ball, even though the clubface is wide open.

Swing feelings bunker shot wet sand

2. The easy solution that everyone can do

If the above-mentioned solution sounds a bit to hard to pull of, or if you are facing a shot that doesn’t require a high flight, then you can try out the following technique. As before, his technique does requires wet AND hard/compressed sand. If the sand is wet and fluffy because somebody has raked the wet sand then this solution will do you no good. This solutions will give you a lower and more running / releasing shot.

It’s easier than you’ve imagined!

All you need to do is hit a very basic, mid trajectory chip-shot. If this is done correctly the club should glide under the ball as it would for a normal chip from grass. You do need to deliver the club in the correct impact position and in the right way, otherwise you are not going to be successful.

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