How to hit bunker shots from wet sand

2 simple solutions that you need to know

Luckily the solution is not that complicated. You have two choices, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. Which you choose depends on the specific situation you face on the course, and also which solution you are most comfortable with. Both techniques does require wet AND hard/compressed sand. If the sand is wet and fluffy because somebody has raked the wet sand then these solutions will do you no good

1. The powerful solution for higher shots

The first solution will result in a high trajectory out of the wet sand, which in some cases is to prefer in a greenside bunker, because of the pin position and green design. This solution does take a little bit of power and strength. Most men would be able to pull it of without problems, but it can be harder for some women.

This shot is played with an OPEN clubface at setup, which will give the high trajectory.

What you need to do in your setup:

-You need to place the ball a little futher back in the stance than for a ussual greenside bunker shots. It should be placed just underneath or slighty back of the sternum.

-You also need to put a little more weight on the front foot than ussual. You sould fell about 65-75% of the weight on the front foot.

setup bunker shots wet sand

Both of these changes will make the club come down to the ball on a steeper angle than usual (the Attack Angle will be steeper). This will dig the club further down under the ball, which we need because of the open clubface (see picture 1 for demonstration). Two more things can be done to ensure this:

What you can feel in your swing for extra steepness:

-In the downswing, make sure to hold the angle in your wrist a little longer than usual. Feel like you are swinging the club more straight down towards the sand.

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