9 Best Chipping Tips For Instant Better Performance Around the Green

2. Which way are you swinging?

With the right setup established, lets move on to nr. 1 out of 2 key elements in the backswing. If you don’t swing the club back along the swing plane, you’re making it a lot harder than necessary.

You might be wondering:

What is the swing plane? The swing plane is the angle that the shaft of the club creates at setup, seen from what we call ”down the line” view. Look at picture nr. 1 below:

Swing plane


This line drawn on picture nr.1 is the swing plane. This is the line that the clubhead should travel up along in the backswing.

In order to swing the club the right way back, as shown on picture nr.4 , here is what to do:

• The wrist can move in 3 different ways, and these 3 different directions must be coordinated on order to swing the club back along the swing plane.

• The amount of rotation in the body must match those wrist movements.

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