9 Best Chipping Tips For Instant Better Performance Around the Green

I think you will agree with me when I tell you…
That when chipping, you will never hit the ball as close to the hole as you want, if you don’t have 100% control over the contact with the ball. With these simple, yet enormous effective 9 best chipping tips, your contact with the ball will be better than ever, and you will knock the ball closer to the hole as you’ve always dreamed of!

One thing to remember: This technique is for a very “standard/basic” mid height trajectory chip shot. Endless variations of the following 9 components of this shot will and should be made in the short game in order to fit the shot to the situation.

All 9 best chipping tips are equally important, so keep on reading to the bottom!

1. Build the right foundation.

With a setup that matches the intended shot, you will have the greatest chance of hitting a solid chip, and why wouldn’t you give yourself the best odds.

Lets look at the pictures below.

Chipping setup

On the 2 pictures to the right, you will se how a proper setup for a basic mid-trajectory shot should look like. A few things is to notice here:

• The ball is located just underneath the sternum of the player.

• The hands are located just inside the left thigh of the player

• The weight is distributed 55% on the left foot and 45% on the right foot.

But why are those 3 things important?

These 3 things combined will create the proper shaft lean (shaft angle) at setup, which will create the right conditions for the club to glide over the ground at impact. This is what its all about. Picture nr. 1 is the WRONG way to setup if you try to achieve this gliding motion of the club.

Other things to notice at the setup are:

• Hells about a clubface wide apart, left toe turned out about 30 degrees.

• Very relaxed arms and hands

• Body is in a relax position.

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