15 Crazy Facts About Common Things That Prove Life Is A Lie

I love finding out tiny bits of history and trivia about the stuff all around us. Not the obvious stuff, but the things that we take for granted.

Like why some things have the names they do or how we ended up with certain pantry staples.

1. Green peppers are cheaper than red, yellow, or orange because they’re not ripe.

Instagram | @anielaskitchen

It turns out that rather than being a distinct kind of pepper, green peppers are just unripe versions of the other peppers. They cost less because it takes less time to grow them.

This is also why they can cause some people tummy troubles.

2. Tonic water glows under black lights.

Instagram | @__yeeun3

The quinine in tonic water doesn’t just give it a bitter flavor, it also reflects UV light!

My favorite use of this effect is to add it to the frosting for Halloween cupcakes, which gives them a spooky glow.

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