5 Ways to Mold Reality and Access our Magic

“Those who do not believe in magic will never find it.” ~ Roald Dahl

Countless visionaries, inspirational speakers and spiritual teachers have told us time and again we are more powerful than we know. We have been told that reality is not as “fixed” as we think and we actually do have more of a say in the reality we wish to experience than just being innocent bystanders of the way our life goes.

What many people may not know is that this process molding our reality is actually much simpler than we think. No, we won’t ever be able to plan every single outcome to a tee, because let’s face it that would take half the fun out of being alive in human form, but we can access much more of our magic than say 20 or 30 years ago.

Consciousness is alive, it is the fabric of all of existence and it is listening to us. Not only the words we say, the things we believe, the actions we take, but also the energetic vibration we sit at most often and how willing we are to call upon its help when we feel hopeless, lost, weak or defeated.

Point blank, consciousness WANTS us to communicate with it. The more we believe in our magic, and the magic of an alive consciousness that is much more mold-able than previous times (due to the earth and it’s inhabitants being aligned with a vibration that allows us to access more of our creator-like powers), and create a relationship or dialogue with this consciousness, the more access we have to powers we may not have ever known about.

Below are 5 ways to Communicate with Consciousness and Align with magic:

“Spirituality is a supreme inter-communication between you and everything.” ~ Bryant Mcgill

1) Ask questions, have a conversation, communicate!

The act of speaking (out loud/or writing) to the universe sets in motion a relationship, a friendship and a guidance system. Sometimes it may not be appropriate to speaking out loud to consciousness, but if every night, you take some time just to talk to the universe, ask it questions you are curious about, ask how a certain situation is there to help you, or ask to be guided or given signs in regards to a particular life situation and watch how the universe begins speaking to you all day long.

It may come in the form of number sequences, a book pops up that answers a question, a friend gives advice that solves a problem, etc. Simply just treating the universe as a friend, and asking it questions will do amazing things in your life.

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