10 Things I Learned from My Dark Night of the Soul

‘The realization of that which is there when consciousness is no longer tangled in form, because the consciousness is formless.’ ~ Eckhart Tolle

According to non-duality, the dark night of the soul is an intense experience of our inner narrative or tangle of thoughts that make up our self perception.

This intense experience of the narrative is chosen on one level or another as it precedes an experience of pure consciousness, and it is perhaps the suffering brought on by that intensity that triggers the complete deletion or surfacing of pure consciousness from the tangle.

As Eckhart Tolle says, this experience of being intensely entangled with memories and narrative reflects the ego’s fear of dying and the dark night of the soul could be seen to be the final death throes of the egobefore it gives way.

According to law of attraction, the dark night of the soul would be more of a conscious or subconscious choice for a physical being to experience the extreme negative polarity of contrast in order to be able to surf the wave to bliss.

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