15 Insane Horror Comics That Will Haunt You For Life

From zombies to demons to horrors all too real – these 15 horror comics have the power to haunt your dreams for the rest of your life

Superhero comics hold a pretty substantial piece of the comic book pie, with Marvel and DC remaining the powerhouses of the blockbuster-esque sequential form. However, some significant comic book roots can be found in the horror genre, with classics such as Eerie Comics (1947), The New Adventures of Frankenstein (1940), and Tales from the Crypt(1951) all predating the creation of many of today’s most popular superheroes, Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman notwithstanding.

Horror comics have made a comeback in relatively recent years, finding a home with smaller publishers such as Image Comics, Dark Horse, and IDW. Fans have also found the frights they’re looking for from further afield, with manga production in Japan providing some truly chilling stories.

These creator-owned creations provide superstar writers and artists with enough wiggle room to really play around with the story more than continuity would allow when writing for the larger publishers. This is especially evident in horror comics, as the reigns are well and truly loosened, enough to give teams the chance to flex their creative muscles and delve deeper into their imagination when constructing a new world from scratch.

We know that what is considered scary can be somewhat subjective, as ghosts may scare some but not all readers, but there’s no denying that each of these entries contain enough nightmare fuel to warrant its place on the list.

Here are 15 Insane Horror Comics That Will Haunt You For Life.


Readers may already be aware of 30 Days of Night from its film adaptation of the same name, staring Josh Hartnett, but it may not be common knowledge that this gore-fest was first a three-issue miniseries.

The comic sets vampires against the unsuspecting townspeople of Barrow, Alaska. The vampires take full advantage of Barrow’s lack of sun for 30 days during the winter, slaughtering and feasting on the people. As the vampires don’t have to sleep at night at all, they are able to continuously terrorize the citizens of the small town, some of which are able to hide and survive due to the below-freezing temperatures messing with the vampires’ sense of smell.

The troop of twenty vampires includes a little girl vampire. Dressed in a summer dress with pigtails in her hair, she would be creepy enough roaming the snowy tundra of Alaska, but the sight of her sharp teeth and unsettling bloody smile as she feeds on one of the Barrow residents will stay etched in your brain for a long time.

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